Top 5 reasons you need a Doula

Do you know what a Doula is? If you are a pregnant woman, I want you to first picture this. You go into labor, and yes, you want your husband by your side. With all those labor pains, the possibility of a C-section and everything else included in giving birth, perhaps you need more than just your husband. After all, he is never going to give birth. While that isn’t his fault, let’s explore the advantages of having a Doula.

First, you still need to know what a Doula is, although you can already tell the term stands for having another person around during the birth process. Looking around at what people have to say on the subject, you might see it explained like this. You have your husband on one side and your Doula, The New York Doula service page, on the other. One is your right hand and the other your left. Now, you can put another person in place of the Doula so what makes a Doula so special?

If you look at the statistics for people that hire them, you start to get a clear picture. For example, how long do you expect to be in labor? Labor can last quite a long time, but the time on average is reduced by approximately 25 percent when women giving the birth count on the help of a Doula. If that were the only benefit, you might not want to come off the money to hire a professional helper during birth. They know what to do though, so let’s look at more benefits to see if a Doula, postpartum doula services, is a fit for you.

When you give birth, do you think you will need an epidural? They are quite common for sure, but what if you were told that they are 60 percent less likely to be needed if you hire a Doula? That is a very interesting statistic because essentially over half the women who hire a Doula seem to not need to opt for that epidural. So what does a Doula do? They do much more than standing beside you while you are giving birth and hold your hand.
In fact, they are known for using massage techniques and everything. You didn’t think to hold your hand and saying soothing words was enough to keep away the epidural, did you? Plus, they have to do something besides holding your hand if you are going to pay them money. You need to know that they are going to be around to help you through the entire process in many different ways.

If a Doula can help that much, why can’t the doctor help knowing all of that? The doctor is busy, so opt for a Doula, a professional that can guide you along. According to many pregnant women who have gone before you, it is a good idea. There are also other statistics to look at, but you may have already decided that you want an easier time giving birth. Does that mean you are going for a Doula?