Increasing Your Email List Signup Rate

If you have an email list, you probably want to see it growing at a steady pace, so that you can make the most our of your efforts. However, if you do nothing but wait for people to sign up, you may be leaving money on the table. This article will show you a few ways to increase your email list signup rate.

Fist of all, you should know that most internet users suffer from what’s called “banner blindness.” This means they tend to ignore banners, this process being subconscious. If you want more of them to notice your subscription box and to enter their details, you need to make this web design element obvious to them. Pop-up windows tend to work better than static banners, so you should consider adding one to your website. Even better, by making your site fade out while the subscription box pops up, you can get more people to read your content and to subscribe to your list.

Offering something in exchange for a subscription can also increase your signup rates. Consider giving your readers something of great value to them once they add their email on your list. You can offer them an ebook or access to some of your premium content, to incentivize them to join your list. People like such bonuses, so they tend to subscribe to newsletters more when they know they are going to receive a gift.

Keep your subscription form to a minimum. Statistics show that signup rates increase when users are required to fill in less information. Ask them to give you only their email address, and you’ll see the difference. You may request them to give you their name afterward. You’ll be surprised by the effectiveness of this simple tweak.

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