Different Types Of Bail Bonds

bail-bonds-barsIf you or your loved one need to post bail, it is important that you know that there are different types of bail bonds. Each bail bond can be tailored to fit the charges you face and your current financial situation. Each case will have its unique bond determined by the judge at a bail hearing. Here are some of the most popular types of bail bonds used more frequently these days.

A cash bond is the most popular where an accused have to pay cash in exchange for the bond. Some courts may accept credit cards while others may insist on paying the full amount via cash. Some judges who want the accused to stay in jail during the trial may set the bail at an extraordinarily high amount. This is done when the judge determines that the accused could be a threat to the public.

A surety bond or bail bond is another type of bond popular these days. These bonds are used when the accused cannot pay the amount set by the judge. A friend or relative of the accused can contact a surety company and ask one of their employees to appear on behalf of the accused. These are insurance companies that employ agents or bondsmen who will appear in court and agree to pay the full amount of handcuffs-258000_640money if the accused doesn’t make it to court on subsequent hearings. The bondsmen will charge a premium and hold a personal possession as collateral from the accused or a relative of the accused. For more information on how this type of bail bond process works, visit speedybailbondsnj.com. They have a good FAQ¬†section which explains everything from what happens after your are arrested to the date of the trail.

Property bonds and immigration bonds are also quite popular as bail bonds these days that can be used depending on the terms of your case.